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2003-02-05 22810 Sum Calculations in select statement and filtering based on value Andy Stapleton
2002-11-18 21885 Install zip for PHP and MySQL Ubaidullah Nubar
2004-03-06 21399 Set OpLocks to improve performance Peter Kirk
2007-04-12 21014 Returning Unicode data in C6 using BSTRINGs Vadim Berman
2002-07-05 20731 Clarion dates to SQL Andy Stapleton
1998-08-09 20701 Small demo template Jim Dennison
2005-01-18 20682 Running Windows Media Player on XP Jim Kane
1998-10-25 20513 Coding event handling for individual fields Jim Kane
2003-08-13 20511 Transactions and Prop:SQL Dan Pressnell and others
2010-02-21 20495 Convert TPS to SQL Server table, 5 easy steps Ikrami Sami
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