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13 Demo Files Available for Download
File Date Description Size File Name
2015-10-28 Previewer demo for CSV export
Previewer demo that shows how the CSV export class works. This is a code signed installation program.
1 PreviewerCSVDemo.exe
2011-09-19 Icetips Taskpanel Demo program
Demo program for Icetips Taskpanel. This is built with the latest version, 2.0.145, and includes a executable, help file and documentation.
1 TaskpanelDemo.exe
2011-09-16 Icetips Outlookbar Demo program
Demo program for Icetips Outlookbar. This is built with the latest version, 2.0.143, and includes a executable, help file and documentation.
1 OutlookbarDemo.exe
2010-03-08 Power Toolbar Demo
Power Toolbar demo install. The demo installs a exe and tps file to demonstrate the Power Toolbar product. This demo is supplied as a demo app with the product. It is compiled local so it does not need any runtime dlls.
1 POToolbarDemo.exe
2009-02-09 Icetips Previewer 2.7 demo
Demo program for version 2.7. Includes Report Writer report and printing to PDF, HTML, XML and Text files using the report target classes.
2 PreviewerDemo.exe
2007-09-29 Icetips Magic Locks demo, version 1.1
This demo install shows what can be done with our new Icetips Magic Locks. This demo uses Icetips Magic Locks version 1.1 and should work flawlessly on Windows Vista. The demo comes with an introduction video with information about how to use the Magic Locks.
7 MagicLocksDemo.exe
2007-08-14 Page of Pages demo
This small demo, using the invoice.dct from the Clarion 6.3 examples, demonstrates basic use of the Page of Pages class in the Icetips Utilities. The zip includes app, dct, tps and other necessary files. It also includes a locally compiled exe.
2004-03-22 Icetips Previewer 2.0 Demo 5 itprevdemo.exe
2003-09-12 Icetips Professional Demo 4 itwizardprodemo.exe
2003-03-11 Icetips Xplore Demo
Please note that this demo is VERY old!
924 itxploredemo.exe
2002-08-22 Magic Buttons Demo 1 itmagicbuttonsdemo.exe
2002-08-22 Magic Entries Demo 1 itmagicentriesdemo.exe
2002-01-29 Icetips Previewer 1.0 Demo 978 itprevdemo_old.exe


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