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Use easy, expanding XP/Vista/Win7 Task Panels (panel menus) with optional icons in your Clarion apps.

All Clarion code, No ActiveX!

  • Unlimited number of headers and tasks
  • Suports icons in headers and tasks
  • Expand and contract headers
  • Hide/Unhide headers and tasks
  • Get/Set header and task info at runtime
  • Can mimic buttons
  • Resizeable gradient backgrounds
  • Customize the colors used
  • Automatic scrollbar
  • Mousewheel scrolling
  • Easy to use control template
  • Can have multiple controls per window
  • All Clarion source code - no black boxes

Global Template, Control Templates, Classes

Just add the global template to your application, then insert the control template wherever you want task panels in your procedures. You can modify the control template settings as desired, and this is enough for most developers. But if you are a power user and want to take full control, you can use TaskPanel's extensive class methods.

And more...

TaskPanel comes with a detailed 76 page users guide in PDF format. You can download the documentation for detailed information about how the product can be used (below).

How to buy

TaskPanel is included Icetips' premium high-value Gold Subscription for $299. TaskPanel may also be purchased separately for just $99.  (Multiple copy pricing is available.)


You can use TaskPanel with Clarion 5.5 - 10 in both ABC and Clarion template chains.

The control template can be applied to any window procedure.

Updated: 15-Jul-2016
Clarion 5.5-6.3Yes
Clarion 7 - 10Yes
Source codeYes
Documentation76 pgs

15 Files Available for Download for Icetips XP-Taskpanel

File Date Description Size
2016-07-15 Icetips Taskpanel 2.0.170 (Clarion 10)
Build 2.0.170. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 10
Fixes for redraw problems. See Version history documentation for more information.
3,321,760 Download
2015-02-24 Icetips Taskpanel 2.0.163 (Clarion 10)
Build 2.0.163. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 10
Pre-release for Clarion 10 See Version history documentation for more information.
3,872,936 Download
2014-12-08 Icetips Taskpanel 2.0.161 (Clarion 9.1)
Build 2.0.161. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 9.1
Fix for header icons. See Version history documentation for more information.
3,870,752 Download
2014-07-03 Icetips Taskpanel 2.0.157 (Clarion 9.1)
Build 2.0.157. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 9.1
Fix for scrollbar issue in Clarion 9.1 See Version history documentation for more information.
3,870,304 Download
2014-01-29 Icetips Taskpanel 2.0.155 (Clarion 9.1)
Build 2.0.155. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 9.1
Installer is now Clarion 9.1 compatible. See Version history documentation for more information.
3,595,288 Download
2013-08-01 Icetips Taskpanel 2.0.148 (Clarion 9)
Build 2.0.148. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 9.0
Installer is now Clarion 9 compatible. See Version history documentation for more information.
2,810,024 Download
2011-09-19 Icetips Taskpanel Demo program
Demo program for Icetips Taskpanel. This is built with the latest version, 2.0.145, and includes a executable, help file and documentation.
1,647,976 Download
2011-05-04 Icetips XP-Taskpanel 2.0.145
Build 2.0.145. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 7.3 and Clarion 8.0
Installer is now compatible with Clarion 8.0. See Version history documentation for more information.
2,695,384 Download
2010-12-16 Icetips XP-Taskpanel 2.0.143
Build 2.0.143. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6 and Clarion 7.0 - 7.3.
Installer is now compatible with Clarion 7.3. Fixes to ampersands in task links and some other minor changes. See Version history documentation for more information.
2,846,248 Download
2010-11-11 Icetips XP-Taskpanel 2.0.139
Version 2.0.139
Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6 and Clarion 7.0 - 7.2.
2,837,248 Download
2010-11-10 Icetips XP-Taskpanel 2.0.137
Version 2.0.137
Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6 and Clarion 7.0 - 7.2
Do not use - use build 2.0.139 instead!
2,836,520 Download
2010-06-07 Icetips XP-Taskpanel 2.0.135
Version 2.0.135
Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6 and Clarion 7.0 - 7.2
2,824,336 Download
2010-03-15 Icetips XP-Taskpanel 2.0.130
Version 2.0.130
Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6 and Clarion 7.x
2,557,088 Download
2009-05-13 Icetips XP-Taskpanel 2.0.124
Version 2.0.124
Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6 and Clarion 7.
2,407,368 Download
2009-04-15 Icetips XP-Taskpanel 2.0.122
Version 2.0.122
Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6 and Clarion 7.
2,406,184 Download

Taskpanel with scrollbar
Taskpanel with scrollbar

Multiple panels on the same window in different colors
Multiple panels on the same window in different colors

Header with small icons
Header with small icons

Header with large icons
Header with large icons

Header with no icons
Header with no icons

Header with text
Header with text

Version 2.0.164 [June 23, 2015]

June 18, 2015:

  1. Template: "Use XP Theme colors (requires PowerXP-Theme)" would get turned OFF causing the colors to go off kilter. Fixed.

Version 2.0.163 February 24, 2015]

January 25, 2015:

  1. Template: Name for XPTheme global class would clash with XPTheme when used with PowerToolbar. Fixed.

Version 2.0.161 [December 8, 2014]

December 8, 2014:

  1. Classes: Wrong icon was drawn for the right hand icon on header. Fixed.
  2. July 22, 2014:

    1. Classes: Call to PTP:ShowScrollbar caused "Calling function as procedure" warning. Fixed.

    Version 2.0.157 [July 3, 2014]

    July 2, 2014:

    1. Classes: Horizontal scrollbar could show up at the bottom of Taskpanel controls in Clarion 9.1. build 11014 or newer. Fixed.

    Version 2.0.155 [January 29, 2014]

    January 29, 2014

    1. Installer: Installer is now compatible with Clarion 9.1
    2. Installer: XPTheme files are now included in the Taskpanel Install.
    3. January 10, 2014

      1. Classes: Using ULONG for SetColorGrp and FixColor would fail if Taskpanel used XPTheme. Fixed.
      2. Classes: GetVisible would fail when called with a task ID. Fixed.
      3. Classes: SetColorGrp and FixColor where using LONG for the color parameters and this caused the color to turn black. Changed to ULONG. Fixed.
      4. Templates: Updated export section to reflect changes in SetColorGrp and FixColor prototypes.
      5. September 27, 2013

        1. Classes: Default Y position for header icons was set incorrectly causing overlap of the header and icon. Fixed.

        Version 2.0.148 [August 1, 2013]

        June 6, 2013

        1. Install: Install built for Clarion 9.0 beta
        2. June 3, 2013

          1. Classes: Added multiple methods to handle icons in headers. Note that all size values are in pixels.
            !! AB 2013-05-04:  Added properties for Header Icons.  
            !! Using Short rather than Byte, since some values can be negative
            HeaderHeight            SHORT
            !! Left side header icon
            HeaderLeftIconTMargin   SHORT
            HeaderLeftIconLMargin   SHORT
            HeaderLeftIconSize      SHORT
            HeaderRightIconTMargin  SHORT
            HeaderRightIconSize     SHORT
            !! Right side header icon
            HeaderRIconNameNormal   STRING(256)  !! Collapsed
            HeaderRIconNameExpand   STRING(256)  !! Expanded
            HeaderRIconNameHover    STRING(256)  !! Collapsed + hover
            HeaderRIconNameExpHover STRING(256)  !! Expanded + hover
            HeaderRIIconUseFont     BYTE(0)
            !! Set to True if the SetRightIconFont is called.  
            !! Defaults to 1.  Set to False if SetRightIcon is called
            HeaderRIconFontName     STRING(60)
            HeaderRIconFontSize     BYTE
            HeaderRIFontColNormal   LONG
            HeaderRIconColExpand    LONG
            HeaderRIconColHover     LONG
            SetHeaderSizes          PROCEDURE(<SHORT hHeight>, |
                                              <SHORT hLITmargin>, |
                                              <SHORT hLILMargin>, |
                                              <SHORT hLIconSize>, |
                                              <SHORT hRITMargin>, |
                                              <SHORT hRIconSize>)
            SetheaderHeight         PROCEDURE(SHORT hHeight)
            SetLeftIconMargins      PROCEDURE(<SHORT hLITmargin>, |
                                              <SHORT hLILMargin>)
            SetLeftIconSize         PROCEDURE(SHORT hLIconSize)
            SetRightIcon            PROCEDURE(STRING hIconName, |
                                              STRING hIconNameExpanded, |
                                              STRING hIconNameHovering, |
                                              STRING hIconNameExpandedHovering, |
                                              SHORT hIconSize)
            SetRightIconFont        PROCEDURE(STRING hIconFontName, |
                                              <BYTE hIconFontSize>, |
                                              <LONG hIconFontCol>, |
                                              <LONG hIconFontColExp>, |
                                              <LONG hIconFontColHov>)
            SetRightIconSizes       PROCEDURE(<SHORT hRITMargin>, |
                                              <SHORT hRIconSize>)
            FormatIconPath          PROCEDURE(STRING pIconName),STRING
            Those methods are not yet documented.

          Version 2.0.145 [May 4, 2011]

          May 4, 2011

          1. Install: Install built for Clarion 8.0.
          2. December 7, 2010

            1. Install: Install built for Clarion 7.3. Tested with Clarion 7.3.7852 and no problems were detected.
            2. November 23, 2010

              1. Template: SetTaskMimicTip and GetTaskMimicTip were not included in the list of exports. Fixed.
              2. Template: Some class method exports were not correctly formed. Fixed.
              3. Classes: Ampersands were not dealt with correctly in enabled and disabled items. Fixed. Note: Currently ampersands are shown exactly like they are except in mimic controls, where they are removed. I.e. "Name & Address" will show up exactly like that. "Name && Address" will show up as "Name && Address".

              Version 2.0.137 [November 10, 2010]

              November 11, 2010

              1. Class: When the SetVisible method is used on a headers and hid and unhide other headers, it could leave tooltip artifacts below the visible tasks from the previous visible header. Fixed.
              2. November 10, 2010

                1. Class: When the SetVisible method is used on a headers and unhide other headers, it could leave the task tooltips out of sync. Fixed.
                2. November 9, 2010

                  1. Classes: Class source adapted to Icetips standard, i.e. two lines between methods and double line above and single line below method declaration for readability.
                  2. August 30, 2010

                    1. Help: Typo corrected "Taskpanle" to "Taskpanel"
                    2. August 2, 2010

                      1. Product: Name changed from XP-Taskpanel to just Taskpanel.
                      2. July 27, 2010

                        1. Template: Added option to Mimic Buttons option to mimic tooltips. Defaults to true so tooltips are now automatically added to tasks that mimic buttons.
                        2. July 21, 2010

                          1. Class: Added ClearActiveWizardTask method. Also added to export list in template. This method clears the visual wizard settings from the active wizard task, returning the wizard to "normal" settings. This includes removing font styles and active icon if it is specified.
                          2. July 6, 2010

                            1. Template: Legacy (Clarion chain) did not support %EnableRunTimeTranslator. Fixed.

                            Version 2.0.135 [June 6, 2010]

                            February 7, 2010

                            1. Template: XPTaskpanel template did not support runtime translation. Fixed.
                            2. July 16, 2009

                              1. Template: Added two new code templates to set the Header Text and the Task Text.
                              2. June 12, 2009

                                1. Classes: Added SetFontSize and GetFontSize methods to the class. Also modified the SetFont method by adding an omittable size parameter. This allows setting both the fontname and font size.
                                2. Template: Modified export list to reflect changes in classes.

                                Version 2.0.124 [May 13, 2009]

                                1. Classes: When using XP Taskpanel along with XP-Themes, disabled task items were drawn in the same color as normal task items when the disable color was overridden. Added option to override the XP Theme colors for disabled items, which will draw the disabled tasks in the specified color for disabled tasks. Fixed.

                                Version 2.0.122 [April 15, 2009]

                                1. Classes: Disabled task items were still drawn with a hotkey underline where an ampersand was in the text. For example "Name & Address" would be drawn as "Name _Address". Fixed.
                                2. Documentation: The SetHeaderIcon and SetItemIcon methods were using the wrong method name in the example code. Fixed.

                                Version 2.0.112 [January 2, 2009]

                                1. Install: The xptaskpane.chm file was missing from the install. Fixed.

                                Version 2.0.111 [December 29, 2008]

                                1. All code and documentation modified from PowerOffice AS to Icetips Creative, Inc.
                                2. Bug tracking set up at
                                3. Added link to bug tracking to Global template
                                4. Updated link to website to point to
                                5. Added ITRun32.dll to install
                                6. Version information added to global template
                                7. Previous beta changes are all implemented in public release - see below:
                                8. Added documentation for new methods, such as ContractAll, DeleteAllTasks, ExpandAll, GetHeaderTitle, SetHeaderFontWeight, SetHeaderTitle and SetTaskSpacing

                                1.6 BETA 9 - not released publicly before

                                1. New: Support for Windows Theme colors (requires PowerXP-Theme)
                                2. New methods: GetHeaderTitle, SetHeaderTitle
                                3. Change: SetColorGrp prototype changed from ULONG to LONG to allow COLOR:None
                                4. Fixed: GPF in reports
                                5. Fixed: Listboxes doesn't refresh content
                                6. Fixed: Bug in id-generator

                                1.6 BETA 8 - not released publicly before

                                1. New methods: SetHeaderIcon, GetHeaderIcon
                                2. Change: SetActiveWizardTask accepts 0,0 as argument to deselect current wizard task

                                1.6 BETA 7 - not released publicly before

                                1. Added methods: Disable, Enable and IsDisabled
                                2. Added: Separator option for tasks

                                1.6 BETA 6 - not released publicly before

                                1. Fixed a bug that caused GPF in C55 build A-F
                                2. Fixed a bug that could cause non-dropping DropLists
                                3. Removed the 'no win' message

                                1.6 BETA 5 - not released publicly before

                                1. New methods: DeleteAllTasks, SetHeaderFontWeight
                                2. Template now shows header and task ID's in lists
                                3. Option to turn off bold for headers

                                1.6 BETA 4 - not released publicly before

                                1. Mimiced buttons wasn't unsubclassed when calling DeleteTask
                                2. Added a call to Update just before calling embed-code

                                1.6 BETA 3 - not released publicly before

                                1. Added flags to avoid WM_LBUTTONUP to fire when closing another window by double-clicking

                                1.6 BETA 2 - not released publicly before

                                1. New method: SetTaskSpacing
                                2. Added template prompt for task-spacing

                                1.6 BETA 1 - not released publicly before

                                1. Added option to use icons to indicate selected wizard task
                                2. New method: SetWizardStyle
                                3. Added support for fallback colors when the desktop uses 256 or less colors
                                4. New methods: SetFallbackColors, SetFallbackMode
                                5. New method: SetDefaultTaskMargin
                                6. Added support for right mouse button

                                Version 1.5 [August 10, 2004]

                                1. Added "Mimic Text" and changed "Don't mimic icon" to "Mimic Icon" for "Mimic Button"-action
                                2. Added "Reset to default colors" button
                                3. Added "Wizard mode"
                                4. Added Balloon-tooltip mode
                                5. Added Boxed-property for headers
                                6. Added new "Tooltip" argument to AddTask-protype
                                7. Added new task action: Set Field Value
                                8. Added new template prompt: Only allow one expanded header
                                9. Added optional argument to skip a header when calling ContractAll and ExpandAll
                                10. Added prefix to all API prototypes and some groups to avoid conflicts with other templates
                                11. Added support for non-linked icons
                                12. Added Tooltip support
                                13. Added word-wrapping for tasks
                                14. Changed the ID-generator to limit ID's to 127 characters
                                15. Changed one of the AddTask-prototypes to avoid confusing the compiler
                                16. Changed the window subclassing to use a safer way of storing class references
                                17. Fixed a bug causing scrollbar buttons to disappear when compiled in C6.1
                                18. Fixed a bug causing the cursor to disappear on Windows NT4
                                19. Fixed a bug in the template ID-generator
                                20. Fixed a bug that could cause a blank taskpanel
                                21. Fixed a bug that could cause bad filename for locally linked mimiced icons
                                22. Fixed bug causing the variable to be added to the project if iconname is variable
                                23. Fixed bug that could cause underlining of the last selected task when the mouse is moved off the control
                                24. Fixed bug with embed-points causing compile-time GPF
                                25. Fixed mousecursor flicker
                                26. Init code is moved into the new virtually derived Init-method
                                27. Moved header-text a few pixels to align with tasks
                                28. New embed: Before and After Init-code
                                29. New embed: Init->Before Parent Call
                                30. New embed: Before and after execute-action
                                31. New embed: Before and after task logic
                                32. New methods: GetTaskTitle, GetExpanded, GetVisible, GetDisabled
                                33. New methods: GetTaskIcon and SetTaskIcon
                                34. New methods: SetHeaderBoxed, GetHeaderBoxed
                                35. New methods: SetTaskMimicText, GetTaskMimicText, SetTaskMimicIcon, GetTaskMimicIcon
                                36. New methods: SetTaskTooltip, GetTaskTooltip, SetTaskUserData and GetTaskUserData
                                37. New methods: SetTooltipMaxWidth, GetTooltipMaxWidth, SetTooltipMode, GetTooltipMode
                                38. New methods: SetWizardMode, GetWizardMode, SetDisableWizard, GetDisableWizard, SetActiveWizardTask
                                39. New methods: SetWordWrap, GetWordWrap, SetHeaderWordWrap, GetHeaderWordWrap
                                40. Removed many unused equates
                                41. Removed the use of TransparentBlt as it has a memory-leak in Win95/98 which was causing problems
                                42. Reworked the template-GUI
                                43. Rewrote mouse-move and mouse-click handlers
                                44. Template generated class methods are now generated as DERIVED instead of VIRTUAL
                                45. When "Only one expanded header" is checked, all but the first expanded header will be contracted
                                46. When a task mimics a button, and no compiletime icon-name is available, PROP:Icon is used instead

                                Version 1.4 [April 28, 2004]

                                1. Added UNIQUE-check when generating ID's in the template
                                2. Added refreshing on a few more events
                                3. Added embed-point for header clicks
                                4. Added the IsExpanded member to the POTaskInfo-group
                                5. Added text justification options for tasks
                                6. Added BottomMargin setting
                                7. Added ExpandAll/ContractAll methods
                                8. Added "Select Tab" action for tasks
                                9. Added "Don't Generate Template Code" option
                                10. Added a optional "Thread" option to "Post Event"-action
                                11. Added dynamic headers and tasks
                                12. Added the possibillity to disable a task
                                13. Added the possibillity to draw a task with bold text
                                14. Added optional argument for SetColorGrp to set disabled text color
                                15. Added option to not mimic icon on "Mimic Button" action
                                16. Added a check to see if the mouse is over the control when scrolling with the mousewheel
                                17. Added SetTaskTitle method
                                18. Added option to set a header to be "always expanded"
                                19. Added Global template
                                20. Added template option for init-code priority
                                21. Added a dynamic linkloader-class
                                22. Changed to be sourcecode only (no more blackbox DLL's)
                                23. Changed the "Control" in the "Post Event"-action to be optional
                                24. Changed default font to MS Sans Serif
                                25. Changed the internal storage of a static class reference (removed the need fore some static data)
                                26. Removed the call to Kill() from the template (it's now called in the destructor)
                                27. Removed the multi-dll template (use the global template instead)
                                28. Removed some ABC-specific code in the template
                                29. Moved the code for expanding/contracting headers fromt the class to the template.
                                30. Fixed bug causing a glitch between the header and tasks, when the first task is hidden
                                31. Fixed issue with the taskpanel not showing when opening maximized MDI-children
                                32. Fixed issue with icons not in app-dir or Clarion6\images
                                33. Fixed issues with mimic-tasks when opening a form
                                34. Fixed issue with tasks not showing on window reopening

                                Version 1.3.1 [December 7, 2003]

                                1. Removed a memory leak in the C55 version

                                Version 1.3 [December 5, 2003]

                                1. Redesigned the ID-system
                                2. Improved icon-loading
                                3. Rewrote the Multi-DLL template
                                4. Added embed-point for each task
                                5. Added "Call a procedure"-action
                                6. Added "Post Event"-action
                                7. Added SetExpanded-method
                                8. Added SetAppName-method (for Multi-DLL apps)
                                9. Added support for STD-colors (eg. COLOR:BtnFace)
                                10. Removed "Execute Control"-action (use "Post Event" instead)
                                11. Fixed the "invalid ordinal" C55 bug.
                                12. Updated the documentation

                                Version 1.22 [December 3, 2003]

                                1. Moved some template generated code to avoid clashing with other templates
                                2. Fixed icon cache bug

                                Version 1.21 [December 15, 2003]

                                1. Added possibillity to set margins

                                Version 1.2 [November 11, 2003]

                                1. Fixed a bug with the embed-point (new ABC-classes could cause the embed-point to become Orphaned)
                                2. Transparency bug in Win98SE


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