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Icetips Products

Gold Subscription

Includes ALL the Icetips Clarion products listed below, with updates and any new Clarion products, for 1 year.
Monthly Payments $149/$15
With Auto Renew $299
No Auto Renew $329

Silver Subscription

Includes certain Icetips Clarion products, with 1 year of updates, and possibly some new products.
With Auto Renew $99
No Auto Renew $109

Solo (One) Product

Get one Icetips Clarion product, with 1 year of updates, for only $99 (Gold items) or $49 (Silver items).
With Auto Renew $99
No Auto Renew $109
Icetips Products
Product Name Description Gold Silver Solo
Build Automator Automate software builds & other tasks
Checkbox Fixer Print good-looking checkboxes and radio buttons
Icetips Utilities 50+ templates, 40+ classes, 650+ methods
Magic Buttons Use graphics as button backgrounds
Magic Entries Flat entry controls with color options
Magic Locks Lock and/or unlock any controls on a form
OutlookBar Create Outlook-style menus & toolbars
Power ToolBar Create Office-style toolbars
Report Previewer Customizeable report previewer with source
SQL Templates SQL queries, filters, functions & more
TaskPanel Create XP/Vista/Win7 style task panels
Window Fixer Make windows open in viewable area of monitor
XP Theme Theme and style various window controls
Xplore Browse classes and templates


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