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About the Gold Subscription

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Checkbox Fixer
Icetips Utilities
Magic Buttons
Magic Entries
Magic Locks
Power ToolBar
Report Previewer
SQL Templates
Window Fixer
XP Theme
Build Automator

What you get

Your Icetips Gold Subscription allows you to download and use ALL the Icetips Clarion software products (listed at left), and the Icetips Build Automator Software.

You are also eligible to receive unlimited tech support, software updates, and any new Clarion products that Icetips may release during your subscription period.


Subscriptions are active for one year from the date of purchase.

You must have a current subscription to receive tech support, product updates, and new products.


When you purchase a Gold subscription, you will be emailed a login ID and Password. When you login, you can download any of the software products in the Gold Subscription.


Subscription renewals are for one year. If you renew while your subscription is still valid, the expiration date will be extended by a year. If your subscription has expired, the new subscription will be valid for one year from the date of renewal.

You are welcome to renew your Icetips Gold Subscription at any time.


The software you download during your subscription will not expire! Only the subscription expires, not the software.

However, you will NOT be eligible for tech support, software updates or new products when your subscription has expired.

You may continue using the Icetips software products you have downloaded even if you don't renew your subscription. You simply can't get any updates or tech support for them.

Tech Support

You are eligible to receive unlimited tech support while your subscription is active.

Tech support is available via email, Icetips' online forum, or Icetips' online live support.


You are eligible to receive all Gold product updates while your subscription is active.

New Products

You are eligible to receive all new Icetips Clarion products released while your Gold Subscription is active.

Get One Product

You can buy a "Solo" single product subscription to any Gold software product for just $99/year. Solo information


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