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Power ToolBar

Add modern, professional Office style toolbars to your Clarion apps

  • Microsoft Office style toolbars
  • Toolbar controls include:
  • Button
  • CheckButton
  • RadioButton
  • MimicButton
  • ProcessButton
  • DropButton
  • DropCombo
  • Entry
  • Text
  • Separator
  • Spacer
  • Clarion control
  • Toolbars anywhere in a window, including on tabs
  • Can have multiple toolbars on a window
  • AppFrame toolbar support and Office style menus (supports Windows list)
  • XP/Vista/Win7 theme color support*
  • MDI Client template for toolbar control across threads
  • All Clarion source code - no black boxes

* Some XP/Vista/Win7 specific features require XP-Theme, which is included in the Silver Subscription.

Office style AppFrame Menu

PowerToolbar can take control over the menu and draw it in the currently selected toolbar style. Just put a PowerToolbar control into your AppFrame's toolbar and set up the menu settings, and your application will have Office style menus. PowerToolbar even supports Clarion's STD:WindowList.

New Possibilites with PowerToolbar Controls

With controls like DropButton, SplitButton, CheckButton, Entries, DropCombo and many others, you will have lots of new tools to make your application look hot and be more user-friendly.

Global Template, Control Templates, MDI Templates

Just add the global template to your application, then insert the control template into a window procedure wherever you want a PowerToolbar control. You can modify the many toolbar control template settings as desired. And if you want to control the AppFrame Power ToolBar from an MDI child window, you use Power Toolbar's MDI client template.

With the MDI client template, you can communicate with the AppFrame toolbar from any thread. You can Hide/Disable controls or change text/icons with ease. The template can also be set up to make a button in the AppFrame toolbar mimic a button in a MDI child window. This way you can easily control browses in child windows, with only one, global toolbar.

And more...

Power ToolBar comes with a detailed 132 page users guide in PDF format. You can view the online documentation for detailed information about how the product can be used.

How to buy

Power ToolBar is included Icetips' premium high-value Gold Subscription for $299. Power ToolBar may also be purchased separately for just $99.  (Multiple copy pricing is available.)


You can use Power ToolBar with Clarion 6 - 10 in both ABC and Clarion template chains.

The control template can be applied to any window procedure.

Updated: 15-Jul-2016
Clarion 6.0-6.3Yes
Clarion 7 - 10Yes
Source codeYes
Documentation132 pgs

15 Files Available for Download for Icetips PowerToolbar

File Date Description Size
2016-07-15 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.1.203 (Clarion 10)
Build 2.1.203. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 10
Fixes for redraw problems. See Version history documentation for more information.
10,621,976 Download
2015-02-24 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.1.186 (Clarion 10)
Build 2.1.186. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 10
Pre-release for Clarion 10 See Version history documentation for more information.
10,555,880 Download
2014-07-03 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.1.185 (Clarion 9.1)
Build 2.1.185. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 9.1
Fix for scrollbar issue in Clarion 9.1 See Version history documentation for more information.
10,548,688 Download
2014-01-28 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.1.181 (Clarion 9.1)
Build 2.1.181. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 9.1
Installer is now Clarion 9.1 compatible. See Version history documentation for more information.
10,274,912 Download
2013-05-19 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.1.175 (Clarion 9)
Build 2.1.175. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 9
Installer is now Clarion 9 compatible. See Version history documentation for more information.
10,261,080 Download
2012-06-26 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.0.165
Build 2.0.163. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 8.0
Minor update - a Message() was erroneously left in a method. See Version history documentation for more information.
7,064,360 Download
2012-06-19 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.0.163
Build 2.0.163. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 8.0
Supports menu theming in Clarion 8. Initialization delay implemented in template - moves init code to OpenWindow event handler. See Version history documentation for more information.
7,059,768 Download
2011-05-04 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.0.150
Build 2.0.150. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 7.3 and Clarion 8.0
Installer is now compatible with Clarion 8.0 See Version history documentation for more information.
6,690,600 Download
2011-05-04 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.0.151 - BETA
Build 2.0.151 BETA. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 7.3 and Clarion 8.0
Installer is now compatible with Clarion 8.0. This BETA build includes updates to fix Clarion 7/8 menu theming and Windows Vista/Windows 7 menu theming. See Version history documentation for more information.
6,692,880 Download
2010-12-21 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.0.140
Build 2.0.140. Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6 and Clarion 7.0 - 7.3
Installer is now compatible with Clarion 7.3
6,835,984 Download
2010-06-06 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.0.137
Version 2.0.137
Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6 and Clarion 7.0 - 7.2
6,825,840 Download
2010-03-15 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.0.134
Version 2.0.134
Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6 and Clarion 7.x
6,557,392 Download
2010-03-08 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.0.133
Version 2.0.112
Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6 and Clarion 7.0/7.1
6,552,880 Download
2010-03-08 Power Toolbar Demo
Power Toolbar demo install. The demo installs a exe and tps file to demonstrate the Power Toolbar product. This demo is supplied as a demo app with the product. It is compiled local so it does not need any runtime dlls.
1,108,712 Download
2009-04-15 Icetips PowerToolbar 2.0.112
Version 2.0.112
Compatible with Clarion 5.5, Clarion 6 and Clarion 7.
6,450,840 Download


Outlook UI Example
Outlook UI Example

Internet Explorer UI Example
Internet Explorer UI Example

Different icon sizes
Different icon sizes

Default Windows XP Theme
Default Windows XP Theme

Silver Windows XP Theme
Silver Windows XP Theme

Olivegreen Windows XP Theme
Olivegreen Windows XP Theme

Classic Windows XP Theme / Windows 98, ME, 2000
Classic Windows XP Theme / Windows 98, ME, 2000

Some menu styles
Some menu styles

Version [March 17, 2015]

March 17, 2014:

  1. Classes: In some circumstances the menu text was hidden. Fixed
  2. Classes: MDI buttons on maximized MDI windows do not work properly. This has been found to be a bug in the Clarion runtime library in both Clarion 9.1 and 10-Beta.

Version 2.0.186 [February 24, 2015]

July 14, 2014:

  1. Classes: PTB:ShowScrollBar caused "Calling function as a procedure" warning. Fixed.
  2. July 2, 2014:

    1. Classes: Horizontal scrollbar could show up at the bottom of Taskpanel controls in Clarion 9.1. build 11014 or newer. Fixed.

    Version 2.0.181 [January 28, 2014]

    January 28, 2014:

    1. Installer: Installer is now Clarion 9.1 compatible.
    2. November 16, 2013:

      1. Classes: Drop down arrows were not drawn or usable on drop down combo controls. Fixed.
      2. August 6, 2013:

        1. Template: Code generation for Drop Down Buttons could be wrong if there were multiple Drop Down Buttons on the same window. Fixed.

        Version 2.0.175 [May 19, 2013]

        May 19, 2013:

        1. Product: Files from XPTheme are now included with PowerToolbar and installed along with it. This includes:
          In Clarion 6 and older those files will be in %ROOT%\3rdParty but in Clarion 7 and newer they will be in accessory\template\win and accessory\libsrc\win.
        2. June 29, 2012:

          1. Documentation: Updated documentation for the Toolbar template.
          2. June 29, 2012:

            1. Classes: The "Delay .INIT" could cause problems if embedded code had been added to call methods in the PowerToolbar class and that code was now executed before the .INIT. A check has been added that will throw an error message if that happens and halt the program. It will indicate the program name and the method being called. In hand coded projects, you must now set the SELF.InitCalled property to TRUE right after the call to AppToolbar.Init() in the derived POToolbarClass.Init method. This is currently done by the templates to generate code like this:
              Toolbar1.Init     PROCEDURE()
              ! Start of "Init Method Data section"
              ! End of "Init Method Data section"
              ! Start of "Init Method After Code statement"
              ! End of "Init Method After Code statement"
                 SELF.InitCalled = True
              To avoid problems, please use one of the embeds that are executed after the INIT method is called. The "Open Window Event Handler" embeds are the ones created around the call to the PowerToolbar.Init method. The name of this embed changes depending on if the "Delay Toolbar.Init" option is checked on the "Advanced" tab on the PowerToolbar control template, but the code will always be correctly placed before or after the call to the PowerToolbar.Init method. You can also use the "Init Method | After Parent Call" embed. It is generated inside the derived INIT method.

            Version 2.0.165 [June 20, 2011]

            June 26, 2012:

            1. Classes: A Message() had been accidentally left inside the DropDownMenu method of the DropButtonClass. Fixed.

            Version 2.0.163 [June 19, 2011]

            March 27, 2012:

            1. Classes: GetItemID method did not return correct results for DropComboButton if no ItemID was specified. Fixed. Returns 1 based index of the selected item in the list.
            2. December 14, 2011:

              1. Template: Delay Initialization was set to true for windows other than the application frame. Fixed.
              2. Classes: SetText method did not select the item in a Drop Combo control, it just set the text. Fixed.
              3. November 1, 2011:

                1. Classes: Under some circumstances windows were not removed from the window list. Seems to be tied mostly to windows with toolbar caption. Fixed.
                2. Classes: 10th item in Windows list menu should show "More windows..." which opens a window with a list of all open windows. Instead it was listing the 10th open window. Fixed.
                3. Classes: Some debug code was still left in some methods. Fixed.
                4. October 28, 2011:

                  1. Classes: Window list was not being created correctly. Text was missing from the window list items and the active window was not indicated. Fixed. Note that menus on MDI windows are NOT supported, neither merged or non-merged. Sent to beta testers.
                  2. July 26, 2011:

                    1. Template: Added option to delay initialization of the PowerToolbar classes to prevent duplicate menus.
                    2. June 2, 2011:

                      1. Classes: SetBandHidden and GetBandHidden were not implemented in the Global class. Fixed.
                      2. Template: Added SetBandHidden and GetBandHidden to the export section of the template.
                      3. Documents: Added documentation about SetBandHidden, GetBandHidden, SaveBandVisible and RestoreBandVisible.

                      Version 2.0.151 BETA [May 4, 2011]

                      May 4, 2011:

                      1. Installer: Installer built for Clarion 8.0
                      2. March 4, 2011:

                        1. Classes: Further refinements for the Visible vs. Hidden options. bUserHidden has been taken out of use as it does not serve any purpose any more.
                        2. March 3, 2011:

                          1. Classes: Added SetBandHidden and GetBandHidden. Those methods are designed to remove a band and hide it. The band will not show up in the band customize menu and cannot be made visible with SetBandVisible. SetBandVisible only hides the band and does not remove it from the cusomize menu. Use SetBandHidden to remove and bands from the user for example based on user access privileges.
                          2. Classes: If a Clarion dropdown list or dropdown combo was used as a control in the toolbar it would not receive EVENT:NewSelection. Fixed.
                          3. Classes: Added SaveBandVisible(String pINIFileName, String pProcedureName) and RestoreBandVisible(String pINIFileName, String pProcedureName). Those methods take a INI filename and a Procedure name and save the status of each band to the specified INI file, like this:
                            Call the RestoreBandVisible in ThisWindow.Init, after the Powertoolbar is initialized, around priority around 8300) Make sure that you call it before any calls to SetBandHidden! Call the SaveBandVisible in ThisWindow.Kill, around priority 7500. The RestoreBandVisible refreshes the toolbar so it is completely redrawn. Example:
                                Toolbar1.RestoreBandVisible(INIMgr.Filename, 'Main')
                                Toolbar1.SaveBandVisible(INIMgr.Filename, 'Main')
                          4. February 14, 2011:

                            1. Templates: Modification to global and procedure templates to allow font name and size to be specified by variables. Use ! and variablename to use a variable, for example !Glo:FontName or !Glo:FontSize.
                            2. Classes: Added omit-able parameter to SetFont that specifies the character set to use in all texts created by PowerToolbar.
                            3. Templates: Added option to global and procedure templates to specify character set. It can be either a numeric value, a CHARSET: constant or a variable preceded with an exclamation mark (for example !Loc:CharSet)
                            4. Build: Our build process now includes building a test multi-DLL application to make sure that classes are exported correctly. This will prevent problems with "unresolved external" methods if the template is not updated if new methods are added. This involves no changes to the deployed product.
                            5. Install: The installer was set to accept Clarion 5.5 as a supported Clarion version. PowerToolbar is NOT compatible with Clarion 5.5, only Clarion 6.0 and later.
                            6. February 5, 2011:

                              1. Classes: Menu theming was unreliable and could cause various corruptions in the menus. This was particularly noticeable on Vista and Windows 7. Fixed.
                              2. January 10, 2011:

                                1. Template: Template would throw "Unknown Variable '%EnableRunTimeTranslator'" in Legacy apps. Fixed.

                                Version 2.0.140 [December 21, 2010]

                                August 3, 2010:

                                1. Classes: If a band was hidden and the option to customize bands was turned on, the band would still show up in the drop down menu and the customize window. Fixed.
                                2. June 21, 2010:

                                  1. Templates: Added a condition field to the Menu tab so the menu override can be conditional. For PowerToolbar to theme the menu, the condition must be true. If no condition is specified, no IF/END statement is generated.
                                  2. Templates: Added several embeds into the Init method to make customizing the initialization easier.

                                  Version 2.0.134 [March 15, 2010]

                                  March 3, 2010:

                                  1. Classes: End shadow width (Office 2003 theme) could not be changed. Added SetEndShadowWidth and GetEndShadowWidth methods and EndShadowWidth property which now can be used to control the width of the end shadow. Default is set to 8 in the constructor, same as it was originally.
                                  2. December 7, 2009:

                                    1. Classes: Regression: Separators in Drop Button items still did not work correctly. In testing.
                                    2. December 1, 2009:

                                      1. Classes: Separators in Drop Button items did not work correctly. Fixed.
                                      2. November 30, 2009:

                                        1. Classes: Items in Drop Button menu could not be enable/disabled. Fixed
                                        2. Classes: Added SetItemEnabled method to enable/disable items in Drop Button menu.
                                        3. Classes: Mimic buttons did not mimic icons when the mimiced button changed. Fixed.
                                        4. Classes: Mimic buttons did not mimic disable/enable state when the mimiced button changed. Fixed.
                                        5. Classes: Mimic buttons did not mimic hide/unhide state when the mimiced button changed. Fixed. Note that for this to work the mimic control must have the "Show/Hide" checked in the "Mimic" section of the template.
                                        6. Classes: Mimic buttons did not mimic tooltips when the mimiced button changed. Fixed.
                                        7. November 7, 2009:

                                          1. Classes: Added new CalculateMenuHotkeyW (protected) method to calculate the width of the hotkey text.
                                          2. Classes: Still an issue with the hotkeys not being drawn correctly. Fixed.
                                          3. November 6, 2009:

                                            1. Classes: Hotkey text was not drawn correctly on hovering on menus with submenus. Fixed.
                                            2. October 26, 2009:

                                              1. Templates: If multiple procedure that used PowerToolbar MDI extension were in the same source module, the ID file would only be included once since the Include() statement was generated with ",ONCE" attribute. Fixed.
                                              2. October 22, 2009:

                                                1. Classes: GetItemID on DropButtons would always return the last entry. Fixed.
                                                2. October 12, 2009:

                                                  1. Classes/Templ.: DropButton items now support icons in both classes and templates.
                                                  2. September 18, 2009:

                                                    1. Classes: DropButton menus with separators would not work correctly and would return the wrong ItemID based on the selected menu item. Fixed.
                                                    2. July 15, 2009:

                                                      1. Classes: Focus was moved from the control with focus if a button in the toolbar was clicked. Fixed. Note: Concern for issues this might cause elsewhere but tests have not shown any side effects so far.
                                                      2. June 1, 2009:

                                                        1. Classes: The GetItemID would not return the correct ItemID on Drop Buttons. Fixed.

                                                        Version 2.0.112 [April 15, 2009]

                                                        March 9, 2009:

                                                        1. Template: Template did not use runtime translations. Fixed - thanks to Bo Schmitz.
                                                        2. Classes: When running using Windows Classic style, the toolbar would attempt to theme Clarion controls with mixed results. Fixed - Clarion controls are no longer themed when using Windows Classic style.
                                                        3. January 5, 2009:

                                                          1. Classes: Clarion controls in toolbars were not themed. Fixed.
                                                          2. Classes: Clarion controls in toolbars on dockable windows were not moved into the toolbar band. This is a limitation that has to be fixed in code. Remove the DOCK and DOCKED attributes from the window (uncheck everything in the Dock group on the Extra tab in the window properties) and then set the docking options using PROP:DOCK and PROP:DOCKED in ThisWindow.Init, priority 8110. This fixes the problem
                                                          3. January 1, 2009:

                                                            1. The application would GPF when it was closing if the "Add functionality to the Frame" extension was added to the frame and the "Enable Tray Icon" was checked. Generated code for the .INIT method moved down from priority 8000 to 1 in %AfterWindowOpening embed. Fixed.

                                                            Version 2.0.105

                                                            December 29, 2008

                                                            1. All code and documentation modified from PowerOffice AS to Icetips Creative, Inc.
                                                            2. Bug tracking set up at
                                                            3. Added link to bug tracking to Global template
                                                            4. Updated link to website to point to
                                                            5. Added ITRun32.dll to install
                                                            6. Version information added to global template
                                                            7. Added documentation for new methods, such as AddClarionControl, DelayRefresh, GetActiveTab, GetMenuStyle, InitControl, IsClosing, SetActiveTab, SetFocus and SetMenuStyle
                                                            8. Previous beta changes are all implemented in public release - see below:

                                                            1.0 BETA 7

                                                            not released publicly before

                                                            1. New: Support for merging MDI menus.
                                                            2. New: After-action embeds for dropbutton and dropitem actions
                                                            3. Changed: Template prompts for menu overrides now only shows on appframe and windows without MDI attribute
                                                            4. Changed: Since band customize button has no function, it is now default off
                                                            5. Fixed: Bug with MDI buttons and hidden windows
                                                            6. Fixed: Button didn't hover if mouse was over it on when unhidden
                                                            7. Fixed: Alt key didn't trigger menu keyboard mode
                                                            8. Fixed: RadioButtons separated by another control type would still act as one group of radios
                                                            9. Fixed: Submenus was overdrawn by parent menu border
                                                            10. Fixed: Hidden/Disabled menus didn't become hidden/disabled on window open
                                                            11. Fixed: Default color setting would generate gray toolbars even when XP-Theme was present
                                                            12. Fixed: Icons wasn't reloaded after calls to SetIconHeight/Width
                                                            13. Fixed: Menu opened at wrong position when appframe had layout set to right-to-left
                                                            14. Fixed: Disabled menu items with hotkey is drawn incorrectly in Win 2000 style.

                                                            1.0 BETA 6

                                                            1. New: MimicButton can now mimic visibillity
                                                            2. New: Up/Down-buttons in Customize window
                                                            3. New: 'After Action'-embed
                                                            4. New: 'After Accepted'-embed for controls
                                                            5. New: Global setting for toolbar style, color, font and tooltip
                                                            6. New: Option to let menustyle follow toolbar
                                                            7. New: Option for adding separators in front and/or after buttons and clarion controls
                                                            8. New: Option for 'Prompt' on ClaironControls
                                                            9. New: Option to not auto-resize toolbar height
                                                            10. New methods: IsClosing, SetActiveTab, GetActiveTab
                                                            11. Changed: Prototype for FixColor has changed to support Color:None
                                                            12. Changed: Added 5 pixels to the width of menu buttons
                                                            13. Changed: Menu separators is now purely handled by API
                                                            14. Changed: Text-controls draw text one pixel lower
                                                            15. Changed: Header band does not draw border when Windows Theme colors isn't active
                                                            16. Changed: Flags for AddMimicButton() has changed
                                                            17. Changed: DropButton and SplitButton now handles items with '-' in the text field as separators
                                                            18. Changed: Clarion-contol now use the design-time width of the clarion control
                                                            19. Changed: 'Allow Right-click customize' is now default off
                                                            20. Fixed: Hide/Disable bug for Clarion-control type
                                                            21. Fixed: If last item before Window-list was toggle, each window-item would become toggled to
                                                            22. Fixed: GPF on Windows 2000 when hovering tabs
                                                            23. Fixed: DropCombo and Entry control would grab focus on window open
                                                            24. Fixed: Width calculation of Tabs
                                                            25. Fixed: Wrong symbol was tested in the template and could produce compile errors with DropItem-actions
                                                            26. Fixed: FixedWidth on Clarion-control didn't work
                                                            27. Fixed: Id-file could contain wrong IDs
                                                            28. Fixed: If FixedWidth was set on a TextControl, the height would be set too
                                                            29. Fixed: Clarion-controls didn't get EVENT:Newselection
                                                            30. Fixed: Clarion-controls got reversed tab-order
                                                            31. Fixed: DropCombo and Entry didn't properly refresh on SetVisible
                                                            32. Fixed: Global class wasn't threadsafe and some code was executed in the wrong thread
                                                            33. Fixed: Menus didn't support enabled/disabled
                                                            34. Fixed: Menus didn't support hide/unhide

                                                            1.0 BETA 5

                                                            1. Change: Text-control now support icon and font settings
                                                            2. Change: Prototype for AddBand got a new optional BandType argument
                                                            3. Change: Menu now has separate style setting
                                                            4. New methods: SetMenuStyle, GetMenuStyle
                                                            5. New method: AddClarionControl
                                                            6. New method: DelayRefresh
                                                            7. New method: SetFocus
                                                            8. New method: DeleteItem for deleting Drop or Combo items
                                                            9. New: Iconnames in the form of FileName.exe[1] and FileName.dll[n] is now supported
                                                            10. New: ProcessButton and Clarion-control
                                                            11. New: Header band
                                                            12. New: Tabs band
                                                            13. Fixed: GPF when restoring MDI-child or resizing AppFrame
                                                            14. Fixed: AppFrame toolbar draws background on init before adding controls to avoid bleed through
                                                            15. Fixed: Balloon tooltip mode didn't work
                                                            16. Fixed: Ampersand was removed from tooltip text
                                                            17. Fixed: Menu hotkey would always open first menu if a MDI-child was open
                                                            18. Fixed: Entry-control now accepts Tab and Enter keys
                                                            19. Fixed: Mimiced buttons now check state on window open
                                                            20. Fixed: Band width was wrong when a mimiced button changed to wider text
                                                            21. Fixed: SetTooltipMode ddin't work after toolbar init
                                                            22. Fixed: Icons after STD:WindowList could appear on wrong item
                                                            23. Fixed: Icons on menu items with subitems didn't appear
                                                            24. Fixed: Toggle items wasn't handled properly
                                                            25. Fixed: GPF on menu close

                                                            1.0 BETA 4

                                                            1. Added: Call to Update before mimic is executed
                                                            2. Change: AppFrame toolbar is now subclassed instead of the control. Resizing should be more stable.
                                                            3. Change: Init was renamed to InitControl, and a new Init method was added
                                                            4. Change: Parent Init-call is now called after template generated init code
                                                            5. Fixed: Calculate method was called about 10 times every resize.
                                                            6. Fixed: AppFrame toolbar 'jumping' on window open and resize

                                                            1.0 BETA 3

                                                            1. Fixed: Resize refresh issues (hopefully)
                                                            2. Fixed: Customize-list could become empty

                                                            1.0 BETA 2

                                                            1. Fixed: GPF when using PowerXP-Colors or Office2003-style on non-XP Windows
                                                            2. Added: Option to ignore band in right-click customize menu
                                                            3. Added: Option to limit size of DropCombo droplist and automatic scrollbar
                                                            4. Added methods: GetControlBandID, UncheckAll, Set/GetBandShowText, Set/GetBandIconsAbove, IsControlInBand, SetMaxComboItems
                                                            5. Added: 'Refresh IDs' button in MDI-template
                                                            6. Fixed: balloon tooltip mode is now working
                                                            7. Added: embed-button for items in template

                                                            1.0 BETA 1

                                                          4. First beta version


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