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2017-11-06 Zip with files to test and verify code signing certificates
Code provided by Graham Dawson that checks and verifies code certificate.
2016-07-07 TopSpeed ODBC driver installer
Program that installs the Topspeed ODBC driver. This is a single, standalone, codesigned executable. No installation required just download and run.
1 TPS_ODBC_Installer.exe
2015-06-14 Inc2Exp - Create export files for class header files
This utility creates an .EXP file from a class .INC file so it can be included in a DLL export. See Icetips Utilities Include Export Files template for an easy inclusion of .exp files in your application.
2 ITInc2Exp_Install_1.0.24.exe
2014-05-14 Icetips XP-Theme 3.0.138
Build 3.0.138. Compatible with Clarion 6.0 - 6.3, Clarion 7.0 - 9.1.
Installer updated for Clarion 9.1

Note that for Clarion 7-9.1 XP-Theme is only needed for supporting Taskpanel. If you are not using Taskpanel in Clarion 7-9.1, you do not need XP-Theme! PowerToolbar is no longer dependent on XPTheme. See Version history documentation for more information.

2 XPTheme_Install_3.0.138.exe
2010-04-03 Icetips Runtime Libraries used by templates and installs.
Icetips Runtime Libraries used by templates and installs.
256 IcetipsRuntime.exe
2008-12-18 Icetips ITRun32.dll with source
This is a DLL, with source, that we use to call from our templates using #RUNDLL. It is not documented apart from the included ITRun32.cpp source code. You can use this file for your own templates. Redistribution is prohibited without a permission from Icetips Creative, Inc.
2008-11-11 ITRun - run programs safely under Vista.
ITRun shows how to run programs and elevate them properly under Vista or Windows Server 2008. It is based on some methods in our Core and Shell Classes in the Icetips Utilities.
2007-11-14 Icetips Magic Locks Introduction Video
This is an introduction video for Icetips Magic Locks 1.1
6 ITMagicLocksVideos.exe
2007-11-06 Special Folders
List all Special Folders (CSIDL) on your computer. This program can be installed on any computer to see and print a list of all the CSIDL folders on the computer. This can save a lot of time to figure out where what folders are.
1 SpecialFolders.exe
2007-11-04 Template to add XP Themes to older apps
Bo Schmitz has put together a little global template to add Manifests to older versions of clarion using code "borrowed" from the C6 template chain. (Xp and Vista, and compiling inside exe) Tested and works on C55. Didn't test on C5 and C4.
2007-09-03 Dynamically Loading DLLs in a class
Included is a Clarion 6.3 app, and two sourcefiles, .clw and .inc for the test class. This demonstrates a simple method to dynamically load a dll at runtime instead of using a LIB file.
2007-08-14 C6 Fix for Vista from Lindersoft
This install updates the WIN.INI file and the PATH environment variable to the correct values for Clarion 6 install.s
149 c6_vista_fix.exe
2007-01-02 Shows how to use a threaded browseless updateform.
This zip contains the, people.dct and people.tps files. Unzip into an empty folder and load the Compile and run. Use "Browse | Update People" to access the browseless form.
2006-11-28 C++ source for ITRun32.dll.
We use Borland C++ compiler/IDE to compile the code but it should compile in other C++ as well. This code is specifically written to use with the #RUNDLL template statement.
16 itrun32.cpp
2006-07-09 RTF Creator
From Icetips Software
This is a useful to create simple RTF to plug into RTF controls. Now comes with app in 6.3 that has same functionality, but not the same look and feel.
2006-03-11 Better Report Handling.
From Dan Pressnell
This app shows a better way of handling break condtions in reports that have a large amount of hand coding. APP+DCT+TPS files in a zip file.
2006-03-11 CW ODBC for Clarion 5.5
From Dan Pressnell
The original CW ODBC code that was mentioned in Dan's Better SQL series. This is now packaged as an APP, for easier maintenance. It requires the dp_class.tpl template.
2006-03-11 CW ODBC for Clarion 6.x
From Dan Pressnell
The original CW ODBC code that was mentioned in Dan's Better SQL series. This is now packaged as an APP, for easier maintenance. It requires the dp_class.tpl template.
2006-03-04 Classes inside the IDE
From Dan Pressnell
This is a small class which allows Clarion's IDE to be used to create classes, so that the class source stays in the app tree, and is generated along with the rest of the app.

There is a demo app showing how it's used.
2005-03-06 Icetips Utility Template
From Icetips Software
This template makes it possible to add a call to a single procedure from every window procedure in your application. It has 6 possible embed points ranging from "Start of Procedure" to "After Window Open Event". Works in ABC only.
2004-11-30 CVOMenubar 4.0 Beta template set that makes your menus look like Office XP menus. 1 cvomenubar4.0beta.exe
2004-09-25 Create PHP compatible MD5
From Icetips Software
DLL to use to create a MD5 hash from strings (CStrings). Works well with Clarion and is 100% compatible with MD5 created with PHP.
2003-11-30 Icetips Standard Wizards
Version 1.05
Compatible with Clarion 4, 5 and 5.5
3 itwizard.exe
2003-07-22 Button Collection 1
43 button images in bmp, gif or jpeg file formats. See Magic Buttons Screenshots for more details.
2003-05-05 Icetips Calendar 1 itcalendar.exe
2002-02-08 Spanish Theme file 980
2002-01-29 Whitepaper - Print one page 251 itpprintonepage.pdf
2002-01-29 Whitepaper - Smooth scrolling 234 itpsmoothscroll.pdf
2002-01-25 Icetips Previewer as Image Viewer 900 itpimgdemo.exe
1999-08-04 Learn ABC PDF 1 learnabc.pdf
1999-08-04 Learn ABC PDF (in zip file) 893


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