Clarion 7.3 testing

Last week I have tested all our products with the new Clarion 7.3 build. Everything is working nicely, except I stumbled on a thread dead-lock bug in the Clarion run-time library. Softvelocity reported to me Friday morning that this problem has been isolated and fixed for next build! It does not affect any of our products, but the Report Previewer demo demonstrated this dead-lock very well and it was 100% reproducible. I was also able to reproduce it with the demo application Thursday and submitted that to Softvelocity and they have tested it with their new build with no problems at all! So I am confident that our 7.3 builds will have no problems at all:)

Since none of our products add any Clarion libraries, the DLL/LIB name changes in 7.3 do not affect any of our products.

I have updates for the PowerToolbar and Previewer ready to go, but decided to wait releasing them when Softvelocity announced that 7.3 pre-release was around the corner. I will release those updates in the next day or two as the public 7.3 release is probably some time away and I don't want to wait for it.

I'm planning to release a new build of the Utilities before the end of the month with documentation updates. Other products will be released as new features will be ready for release or when 7.3 is released to the public, then the new 7.3 compatible installs of all products will be made available!

Arnor Baldvinsson

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