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Couple of weeks ago I learned about a problem with the latest couple of Clarion 9.1 builds...





I have been working on a new build of Icetips Utilities and trying to finish Build Automator for...



We have released eight Clarion 9.1 compatible installs so far and the rest will be out today and...
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3 New Installers

July 3, 2014

We have released 3 new installers for PowerToolbar, Outlookbar and Taskpanel that fix the previously mentioned problem with scrollbars in the latest couple of builds of Clarion 9.1. The fixes should take care of this problem completely, but if you see any problems, please let me know as soon as possible.

Clarion 9.1 problems

June 23, 2014


It appears that changes in Clarion 9.1.11014 are causing issues with PowerToolbar, Taskpanel and Outlookbar. What happens is that the container control, which is an image control, gets an unwanted horizontal scrollbar. This does NOT happen in PowerToolbar if the PowerToolbar control is on a toolbar, only if it is placed directly on a window. This has been reported to Softvelocity and I hope they can fix this. My attempts to remedy this have not been sucessful as the scrollbar is always re-created by Clarion no matter what I do to remove it.

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Just wanted to say "Job Well Done" as you have saved me countless minutes with the Search and Replace button on the "Compile Clarion" Build Automator action! I have about 15 installs and I was thinking I would have to manually change all the Clarion application and exe/dll path names. Then I saw the search and replace... SUPER!

- Dan Scott, 2011

Just wanted to say that Build Automator is another fine product from you. I have had it for quite some time, but just started using it a couple weeks ago.

Excellent - don't know how did without it!

- Dan Scott, 2011

All of this is done with a mouse click using Build Automator!

- Ray Rippey, 2010