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For the past couple of days I have been working on a theme designer for Powertoolbar, Outlookbar...


Build Automator 2014 is right around the corner! I have been working hard on getting Build...


This last week I was taken down by something so common that we never even think about it: ...






Couple of weeks ago I learned about a problem with the latest couple of Clarion 9.1 builds...


More news...

Icetips News

9.1 Installers - short vacation

July 30, 2014

Clarion 9.1 went Gold yesterday and all our product installs are fully compatible with Clarion 9.1. I have not had a chance to do any testing with 9.1 Gold, but do not anticipate any problems with it based on the change log.

I will be out of the office today and tomorrow, July 30 and 31, for a short vacation and will not have internet connection. I will be back in the office Friday morning. We are going camping at the Klahowya campground - click here to see photos from our 2010 camping trip to that beautiful place.

3 New Installers

July 3, 2014

We have released 3 new installers for PowerToolbar, Outlookbar and Taskpanel that fix the previously mentioned problem with scrollbars in the latest couple of builds of Clarion 9.1. The fixes should take care of this problem completely, but if you see any problems, please let me know as soon as possible.

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My windows are now singing "I was lost, but now I'm found". I installed Icetips Window Fixer and I have happy windows.

- Bob Roos, 2011

"Just implemented the Window Init procedure in the Icetips Utilities. What a dream. Now my developers can get the standards wrong and my formatting procedure corrects/implements the standards!"

- Sylvester Gordon, 2010

We started with Build Automator in 2008.

I have got to say it's some of the best money we have ever spent. Period.

- Rick Smith, 2010